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there's glitter on the floor after the party ✨

the lover fest party that is!

Penny Bow-Embellished Heels

Dress (Similar)

Dress (Similar)

Candle Holder DIY

This candle holder was a very easy DIY project! The most challenging part was tracking down the colored candles, all mine are from Amazon.

1. Start with a 4x4x8 post (we bought ours from Lowes).

2. Determine your candle layout and make a template.

3. Cut your post to size.

4. Drill the candles holes with a 7/8'' forstner bit. We drilled 59 holes for the candles, you can do more or less but I wanted a layered look.

5. Sand down the post to smooth all edges.

6.To protect the post from candle wax, either stain or apply a coat of polyurethane. We poly coated ours for a natural finish.

7. Arrange colored candles however your heart desires. We inserted the candles by twisting them into place.

8. Finally, make a wish! ✨

Turquoise Candles 10''

Pink Candles 10''

Bright Pink Candles 12''

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