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Nantucket the beautiful.

Last week my husband and I traveled to Nantucket and Sconset, to say it's beautiful may be an understatement. It's somewhere you must see for yourself! From the architecture, blooms, beaches and lighthouses it's oh so picturesque.

While planning, I wanted to make sure our trip aligned with seeing the hydrangeas in full bloom. Our schedules only allowed for the last week of July even though this wasn't their peak, they were still over the top beautiful.

For peak: I would recommend the 2nd or 3rd week in July for the hydrangeas and the first week of July to catch the roses.


  • We stayed at the Greydon House, we loved the location and it was extremely well decorated but the room was honestly smaller than we hoped.

  • My other suggestion would be the White Elephant.

Restaurants we visited:

Coffee: Born & Bread, Corner Table Cafe

Breakfast: Lemon Press, Black Eyed Susans

Lunch: Steam Boat Pizza, Walter's Deli, Claudette's & Chanticleer (Sconset)

Dinner: Beet, Bar Yoshi, Or The Whale

Dessert: Juice Bar

Things to Do in Nantucket:

  • Shopping and boat watching in Straight Wharf.

  • Shopping: Skinny Dip, Bon Ton (reasonably priced antiques), Milly & Grace, Erica Wilson, Murray's Toggery.

  • For beautiful blooms and architecture take a stroll through Old North Wharf and Cliff Road.

  • Take a sail boating trip with Endeavor Sailing.

  • See the lighthouses Brandt Point & Great Point, we didn't make it out to Great Point due to all the Jeeps being rented, you need an off road vehicle to access the lighthouse, but it's on our list for our next visit.

Things to Do in Sconset:

  • Take a stroll down the Bluff Walk it will take you all the way to Sankaty Lighthouse, it's about a mile each way but totally worth it to see the best view of the oceanfront houses.

  • Lunch at the iconic Chanticleer.

  • Visit the Sconset Market.



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